To pop on the bucket list. Pad out the resume. Turn all that ambition into action. Our Barre Body Immersions are here. Passports and Pilates mats at the ready…

Movement Immersions

Miss sweating it up with us IRL? You’re only human, after all. Our Movement Immersions are the fun kind of fitness holiday. Think clams (of the inner thigh variety) followed by cocktails (to wash down all that inner thigh work, obviously). Travelling not in your budget? No biggie. We can even come to your place! We’re extra thoughtful like that.

Overseas Retreats

Pop on the out of office, and prep those side abs in anticipation. We’re heading to paradise, baby! From the sun-kissed sands of Fiji to the luxurious Kamalaya in Koh Samui. Set over 5 days and 4 nights, it’s the ultimate in R&R but with all the perks you won’t fit in the guidebook: daily meditation and movement, wellness and goal-setting masterclasses, fluffy terry towel robes. In short? Total. Bliss.

Barre Body Weekenders

Hold the dumbbells and let us do the heavy lifting with a weekend away in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Expect unlimited classes at Bende, a resort-style pool, infrared sauna and ice bath facilities. Plus, your very own yoga and Pilates studio. Top it all off with optional added extras like ceramics classes and first-class catering, and you’ll wish you locked in extra annual leave. (Sleeps up to six people).

Instructor & Owner Immersions

Aspiring studio owner? All-star teacher? Just want to connect with like-minded movers? Our Instructor Immersions are the hottest ticket in town. (Trust us, Beyonce’s world tour ain’t got nothing on this).

Teacher Love Club

A cool kind of club. Like LinkedIn meets a block party, but with more heart and soul (and a serious side of up-skilling). Gain access to our online masterclasses, webinars, workshops and Q&A sessions, and get invites to in-person meet-ups (wine! Kombucha! Herbal tea!) Oh, and just by subscribing you’ll join a community of thousands of friendly fitness instructors, from Sydney to Switzerland, San Diego and beyond. Your career prospects – and support network – just went global. 

Studio Blueprint

We’ll take you through everything you need to know about running a successful studio – from team culture to contractors to class timetables, and finding a space with close proximity to a decent cuppa. With more than a decade’s worth of experience and insights shared over dozens of online seminars, as well as opportunities for live mentoring, consider this your ticket to success from day one until day infinity.

Studio Breakthrough

Oh, so you’re already a studio owner? Our quarterly retreats will be right up your alley. Held quarterly in the idyllic Byron Bay Hinterland, we’ll take you through all our tried-and-tested business tips and act as your big-decision sounding board. As for the agenda? Mentoring from Barre Body Group founder Emma, support from others in the industry and endless aha! moments. Cya, surviving. Hello thriving. (Next retreat coming February 2023. Open now for bookings).

Fiji Teacher Conference

Inspiration. Connection. Community. Growth. But add coconuts, dance parties and the dreamiest of destinations. At last! Our annual Fiji Teacher conference is here! Bringing together expert speakers with instructors from across the globe for networking events, classes led by master movers, and everything else a tropical vacay has to offer. Your excuses for not signing up to Jetstar’s Fare Frenzy just disappeared. (Sorry).

Design Your Dream Life

Like a Pinterest board for your life, minus the DIY macrame hangers and ambitious bathroom renos. Merging the best of manifestation, movement, meditation (and more) over multiple live sessions with Barre Body Group’s founder Emma, you’ll gain all the tools and knowledge you need to spend each and every day doing exactly what you love. Maybe that’s earning a passive income living by the beach. Maybe it’s professional egg and spoon racing. The world is your oyster. So let’s shuck it, squeeze a little lemon and make that delicious life of yours a reality.

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