Sydney and Melbourne's best health coaches

Definitely the current buzz profession of the natural health world, health and wellness coaches work with you to help you to become happier, and to help you reach your potential in any and every area of your life. “Wellness” is about optimal wellbeing and although it covers all four elements of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, a wellness coach will often start with the physical, which can open the door to better wellness in all other areas.

We asked our Barre Body network to tell us their top recommendations for health and wellness coaches in Sydney and Melbourne, and here’s what we found!

Devoted Nutrition

Based in Armadale, Daniela follows my passion to help individuals achieve their health and wellbeing goals, and enjoys spending quality time guiding her clients through their lifestyle journey & providing evidence-based tips to make the best food choices independently.

Nikki Ayres

Our Instagram page was abuzz with recommendations for Nikki, who believes her duty as a Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Speaker and Writer is to rise up and show you that underneath all the fears beholds one beautiful shinning light of limitless potential.

Claire Bailie

Based in Sydney, Claire Bailie is an Occupational Therapist and Health Coach. She spends part of her time working at a tertiary hospital, and part of her time pursuing her dream of making healthy living accessible to all. Claire is a guide and mentor who enables people to take responsibility for their own health, and the health of their family. She supports the implementation of sustainable lifestyle changes that contribute to the achievement of individual’s health and wellness goals. Claire focuses on helping individuals to become self-sufficient by observing their unique responses to various modifications and by helping them identify health-promoting behaviours that work for them.

Meg Campbell

Meg believes that whoever you are and whatever your current state of physical and emotional health, you will be functioning on a whole new level with her unique and refreshing approach to Wellness. You will experience sustainable, lasting change and results. She also hosts wellness retreats and workplace wellness programs.

Marti Naturally

Martina believes that living and eating healthy is the formula to a balanced and happy lifestyle and health goes way beyond food. She will tailor a specific plan to your goals and needs to help you find your balance between energy, self-esteem, accomplishments and food. You will learn to listen to your body, to feel comfortable in it while achieving your best shape, full of energy and at your top both physically and mentally. She helps you find your way and your path to a healthy lifestyle.

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Have we missed anyone? Tell us below if you know of any other amazing health & wellness coaches; we’d love to hear more.