Meet scholarship winner, Lina!

In the interests of full transparency … Picking our scholarship winners is the least favourite part of our jobs here at Barre Body Teacher Training. Sure, it’s great to be inspired by incredible stories … But picking just a handful to award a scholarship to? That’s straight-up torturous. However, sometimes, an entry comes along that moves us so much, our jobs become just that little bit easier. Case in point? Lina. A passionate advocate, the kindest of souls, and a true believer in the power of movement, we’ve fallen in love with Lima, and we have a feeling you will too … 

Hi Lina! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a 31 year old white, neurodivergent, non-binary individual living in Launceston, Tasmania. Currently I am studying social work and gender and diversity, working towards a PHD. My goal is to work in research in the social justice sector to shed light on important issues.

What is it that attracted you to Barre Body?

Initially, I was going through a very traumatic time and a friend recommended I try reformer pilates. It was life changing for me in that moment as it helped me to develop a strong relationship between my body and mind, ultimately facilitating a lot of healing.

Why does the scholarship mean so much to you?

Since moving to the little town of Launceston, I have experienced some challenges with acceptance as a gender diverse individual, particularly within the fitness space. I have wanted to learn how to teach pilates for a long time, so to have the opportunity to become qualified by doing a fully funded program is incredible. It means I will have the opportunity to offer an inclusive fitness style in a quite conservative part of the country.

Can you tell us what movement means to you?

Movement for me is fiercely interconnected with mental health. When I have experienced some of the hardest points in my life, movement has helped me to find joy, clarity and a sense of stability when everything else felt overwhelming.

What are you most excited to get out of the training?

I am excited to learn more about the type of movement that has been an integral part of my life for the past five years, and put that into practice as an instructor whilst incorporating my values to create a safe and supportive space for everyone. The fitness (particularly Pilates) industry has a history of being a space that champions a thin, white, cisgender female aesthetic. Whilst we have seen change in recent years, there is still more work to be done, and I am incredibly passionate about being a part of that process.

What impact do you hope that your story has on your community?

As I mentioned, Launceston is a pretty conservative place, however, there are other queer, neurodivergent and gender-diverse individuals who live here. It is important to me that people like me as well as people from different racial, socioeconomic and body size groups, feel seen and safe in the fitness space. By sharing my story, I hope to inspire progressive change within this community, while recognising my own privilege.

We need more people just like you, Lina. And we’re here cheering you on every step of the way (and waving down to Launceston … Hi Tassie!).

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