How to stay inspired and motivated as a Barre or Pilates instructor

pilates instructor inspiration

Get ready to ignite your inner fire. We all know that teaching Pilates or Barre is a journey filled with passion, dedication, and a whole lot of love for the method (that’s why we signed up for it, right? That and the ability to wear activewear as workwear, obviously.). But even the most enthusiastic instructors sometimes need a boost of motivation to keep the flame burning bright. So, grab your grippy socks and let’s explore some ways to stay motivated as a Pilates or Barre instructor and continue spreading your unique teaching magic with the world.

1. Embrace the power of self care

As instructors, we’re always focused on taking care of our clients. But it’s equally important to prioritise self-care and nourish your own mind, body, and soul. Make time for your own practice, explore other movement modalities, and prioritise activities that bring you joy and relaxation. It’s a cliche for a reason … By filling your own cup, you’ll have more to give to your clients and maintain your own motivation and enthusiasm. Some ideas? 

  • Make time for your own Pilates or Barre practice regularly, either at a studio or at home.
  • Explore other movement modalities like yoga, dance, or martial arts to broaden your perspective and gain new insights.
  • Prioritise activities that bring you joy and relaxation outside of teaching, such as reading, spending time in nature, or practicing mindfulness.

2. Find inspiration in continuous learning

Pilates and Barre are a lifelong journey, and there’s always more to explore and learn. Seek out opportunities for professional development (some ideas are in Matt’s video below), attend workshops and conferences, and connect with other Pilates instructors (more on this very soon, we promise!). Embrace the opportunity to be a perpetual student, deepening your knowledge and expanding your repertoire. The more you learn, the more inspired and motivated you’ll be to share your newfound wisdom with your clients. Wondering where to start? 

  • Attend workshops or conferences led by renowned Pilates or Barre instructors to learn new techniques and approaches. (Watch this space…!)
  • Take online courses or enrol in specialised training programs to deepen your knowledge in specific areas, such as pre/postnatal Pilates or injury rehabilitation.
  • Join professional organisations or associations related to Pilates or Barre and engage in their educational resources and networking opportunities.

3. Celebrate client success

The joy of being a Pilates or Barre instructor comes from witnessing the transformative power of these modalities in your clients’ lives. Take a moment to celebrate their successes, both big and small. Whether it’s a client nailing a challenging exercise, improving their posture, or experiencing increased strength and flexibility, let their achievements fuel your own motivation. Remember, you’re making a difference in their lives, and that’s something to be proud of. Let’s get specific:

  • Acknowledge and praise clients during class when they demonstrate progress or achieve a personal milestone.
  • Share success stories of clients (with their permission) through social media or in your studio’s newsletter to inspire others and create a positive community.
  • Organise small celebrations or client appreciation events to recognise the achievements of your clients.

4. Connect with your people

Surround yourself with a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for Pilates or Barre. Connect with fellow instructors, attend fitness events, or join online groups and forums (we’re teasing, we know … But really, stay tuned!). Engaging with others who understand the journey of being an instructor can provide a sense of camaraderie and support. Share your challenges, celebrate your wins, and draw inspiration from each other. Together, you’ll uplift and motivate one another to keep shining as instructors. Wondering how? 

  • Attend fitness events, conventions, or workshops where you can meet and connect with other Pilates or Barre instructors.
  • Join online communities and forums dedicated to Pilates or Barre to engage in discussions, ask questions, and share experiences with fellow instructors.
  • Initiate meetups or networking events with local instructors to foster relationships and create a support system in your area.

5. Get creative and mix things up!

Keep the spark alive by infusing creativity into your teaching. Challenge yourself to explore new exercises, variations, or equipment. Introduce themed classes or special workshops that pique your own curiosity and ignite the interest of your clients. Mix up your playlists, experiment with different class formats, or collaborate with other instructors. Embrace the freedom to be innovative and inject new energy into your teaching. How? 

  • Incorporate new exercises, variations, or props into your classes to keep your clients engaged and challenged.
  • Design themed classes based on holidays, seasons, or popular culture to add a fun and unique twist to your teaching.
  • Collaborate with other instructors to co-teach special workshops or design fusion classes that combine Pilates or Barre with other movement disciplines.

6. Set and reflect on goals

Take time to reflect on your own teaching journey and set goals for your personal and professional growth. What areas do you want to focus on? Is there a specific skill you want to refine or a new class format you want to explore? Setting goals gives you a sense of direction and purpose, fueling your motivation and driving you forward. Break your goals down into achievable steps, celebrate milestones along the way, and watch your motivation soar. If you need some motivation: 

  • Identify specific areas of improvement in your teaching, such as cueing, programming, or class management, and set goals to enhance those skills.
  • Create a plan to attend a certain number of workshops or educational events within a given timeframe to broaden your expertise.
  • Regularly review your progress and celebrate achievements, such as completing a certification or successfully implementing a new teaching technique.

So, what do you say? Ready to jump back on the horse (or the reformer)? Hooray! If not, please reach out. We’d love to chat to you about how to reignite that passion and be by your side on every step of your journey. 

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