Introducing Estelle, our Sydney teacher

When Estelle dishes up her health and wellness secrets, you better bet we listen up. The full-time (whole)foodie and part-time Pilates and yoga teacher knows a thing or two about nourishing her body through mindful movement – and inspiring her students at Surry Hills and Leichhardt to do the same. 

Here, she shares her penchant for plant-based snacks and what fuels her endless energy. 

What’s your favourite class to teach?

Definitely Power Pilates. It’s also my favourite class to attend. It’s strong, it’s flowy and it builds the heat we all want in a workout.

What’s your ideal post-class meal/snack/drink/treat?

I am dangerously addicted to these dehydrated shiitake mushroom chips (you can get them at the supermarket). They are my go-to on my way home after an evening class. In an ideal world, I would make the chips myself so that they are extra healthy!

What’s your go-to song to get you pumped up for class?

I use a shared Spotify playlist with friends which features a mixture of music and pleasant surprises. I just never know what to expect… Cardi B or Empire of the Sun. I’m either laughing at the song choice which was deliberately put in as a joke or I’m really vibing. Either way, it energises me and puts me in a good mood.

The last good book you read?

Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.

It’s an unpretentious and practical read that really fuelled my motivation levels in 2020 when the pandemic hit and I lost my job. There is something about her tone and expression that speaks to you and makes you feel like anything is possible!

‘Whole’ by Colin Campbell. 

A wholefoods nutrition book recommended by my tutor at uni as I am passionate about plant-based food and currently studying health science with nutrition and exercise minors. It’s an opinion piece that is backed by lots of evidence and research.

What can we expect to experience in your class?

A strong focus on alignment and form, stories about how I tested this class with my puppy, sweat, coordination challenges and a long stretch and breathwork exercise (most of the time) to finish.

For more of Estelle’s recipes, like this 5-minute hummus dip, check out her blog Lentils & Lemons.