5 Barre Cardio Exercises

Adding cardio to your barre class can be hard if you’re not a cardio junkie. Here’s 5 movements to raise those heart rates and build the tempo of your class.

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2nd Position Plié to Side Leg Lift

Use the Barre as a support and sweep the arm high as you lift your leg.

2nd Position Plié to Side Leg Lift

2nd Position Plié to Curtsy Lunge

Step back to your curtsy lunge as you sweep your arm in front of your body, then step back to your 2nd position plié.

Curtsy Lunge to Knee Lift

Transition from a curtsy lunge to a knee lift, to add some extra challenge.

Curtsy Lunge to Kick

Step from your curtsy lunge to a nice big kick!

Knee Tuck to Leg Sweep

Tuck your knee to your belly before sweeping it long behind you.

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